So you want to be owned. Read this first.

Januar 31, 2022 | FemDom

you want to be Mine, and I get it. I know you have every reason to admire Me. After all, I have the power to change your entire life, your very perspective of self. We are attracted to those we can learn from - it is human nature, evolution, survival of the best. It is wired within us, and you can not escape fate. But to Me you are just a sub, a pet, a toy, a servant. While it's only natural for you to adore Me (some would go as far as to call it "love"), it'd be a mistake to expect the same in return. I can help you discover so much about yourself - however, think about it: what do I have to learn from you? Not much, really. I have done the work Myself. I know how it goes. I can guide you, be your strict but caring Mistress, I can show you the way. I can (cruelly or gently, as I see fit) seduce you to take a deep look into your own shadows, into the darkest parts of your psyche, those you have been pushing down, those you have never been brave enough to deal with by yourself. I can make you grow. This is why you admire Me. This is why you pay. you and Me, we are not the same. This is why you have to make sure to show your adoration with devoted service, gifts, Tributes. This is why you must strive to please Me, or go away. I have no time to lose, and ungratefulness does not go a long way with Me. Do not forget.

It is My job to slowly but surely push your boundaries. But the moment you start pushing Mine, expecting, assuming, getting greedy about My time and attention, even (and this is fatal) demanding My affection, is the moment you start losing My trust - you start losing Me.

Remember I am here to help you grow, and you are here to make My life better, easier, more pleasant. To make Me money. To do the dirty, boring work, so to say. you may have tasks to be completed, you may surprise Me with Tributes or offerings I have expressed an interest in, or you may just stay quiet and leave Me to live My life undisturbed. Every single day you fail to do that, you are failing to please Me, you are failing to serve, you are failing Me.

Now read that again.