Real Service

January 9, 2021 | FemDom

As you may already know, being a Dominatrix is not just My profession, it is My chosen lifestyle. Frequently, I get questions from subs about how to become My personal slave or servant.

Keep in mind, I am not interested in having a huge stable of slaves: I'd rather build genuine relationships with select individuals who strive for My guidance and power exchange - I find such relationships to be way more fulfilling than hourly play sessions with lots of kinksters who just want to live up their fantasy for a little while to calm their lustful urges. Instead, I very much enjoy cultivating deep, long-term relationship with loyal, honest and selfless submissives that really wish to please and serve Me.

So, how to become My personal servant, you ask? Well, first of all, if you want to be a good sub for Me, you will subscribe to My fansite. There you will find hundreds of photos and videos, along with a number of full length clips that are either free or discounted for My subscribers. I go live for subscribers regularly, and I toy with them via exclusive messages every day. Yes, I am active on My fansite every day, and that allows Me to keep tight bonds with those you are worthy of My attention.

you will of course also apply to serve Me through paid in-person sessions, when possible.

Next, make Me happy by promoting My work on social media, buying My clips and spoiling Me with gifts (read more about how to make Me happy here).

Once you think you are pleasing Me in all the right ways, you may communicate your wish to be owned by Me, and I will guide you further on how to start this journey together.

On that aspect, here you can find some useful notes concerning good service, from the book 'Real service' - which I recommend reading. This goes for any sub interested in real life service, other than just the fantasy of it.

A good servant...

1) does not need to be sexually aroused to render quality service, and sex is not their main motivation for doing it.

2) has a sense of honor and will strive to do the right thing even when it is unpleasant. they obey not because they are afraid of consequences, but because they have made a commitment to do so.

3) is reliable. If they say the will do something, their Dominant can trust that they will make every effort to do it. Keeping their commitments is very important to them.

4) can clearly and respectfully communicate any difficulties, concerns, or potential conflicts regarding orders, in a manner appropriate to their role. they do not take it personally if their Dominant rejects their suggestions.

5) realistically evaluates how the other responsibilities and commitments in their life affect how much service they are able to offer and under what circumstances, and clearly communicates this to their Dominant.

6) can clearly communicate what they expect in return for their service, and what they would like but is willing to compromise on. If not getting these things, they discuss it with their Dominant in a timely manner, rather than silently building up resentment.

7) is comfortable working 'behind the scenes' and isn’t particularly concerned with whether their contributions are publicly acknowledged.

8) can realistically assess their skill level, experience level, and how their physical and mental condition at any time will affect their job performance. they know how to communicate this information clearly to their Dominant in a way that is useful.

9) is able to understand their Dominant's relationships with other people – such as other servants, submissives, slaves, partners, family, and friends – and values them because they make their Dominant happy in some way.

10) is able to verbally defend their chosen lifestyle to questioners, where appropriate, in terms that express how good the power dynamic is for their self-esteem and overall welfare.


Starting pleasing Me right away!


Image: sardax