My first session at Studio LUX: Chastity & Feminization

May 27, 2019 | FemDom

Some of My best sessions ever have been feminization sessions. I just love the whole process!

As My first session at LUX, I had a 3-hours booking for a full feminization. The client wanted the result to be as realistic as possible: he said that it helps him to go deeper into the role of a submissive woman, so once I had transformed him I could use him as a real female slave. He asked to be transformed into details (good make-up, nail and toe nail polish, etc.), which I very much enjoy doing, and having his cock and balls ignored or in chastity device, to be later dominated, restraint in bondage used and humiliated. Fun!

He said feminization itself is not a humiliation for him, as it is not for Me. On the contrary, I find feminization as a way of reaching for the feminine power within. I love women and I see them as strong and beautiful, how could feminization ever be humiliating? There is both feminine and masculine in everyone. Embracing every part of ourselves makes us prouder of who we are, therefore freer and stronger.

Females have been regarded as the weaker sex for so long that a man wearing clothes traditionally wore by females gets immediately ridiculed - Gladly, this is changing due to the fight and growing visibility of the feminist, queer and trans community. I find men who don’t conform into gender binary boxes and celebrate their femme side strong and brave. I love playing with male and non-binary subs for which feminization is no shame, but who feel proud of their feminine side and enjoy embracing it. I love celebrating it with them, making them look and feel sexy, before they surrender to Me as My sub girls. It can be a very intimate bound.

In many cases men do not get to show their feminine side other than in a BDSM context, due to the stigma around it. I provide a safe space in which they can be free to dress and act as they want - or better, as I wish to dress them up! Hopefully there will be a time in which everyone can show their feminine and masculine sides, as well as their submissive or dominant ones, freely and fluidly, without being afraid of any negative social or laboral consequences, nor being judged by others. I offer encouragement, respect and acceptance, what everyone should receive about however they choose to express their gender or their sexuality.

For this occasion, I booked the big, beautiful wooden room for the play. This room is perfect for feminization play, since it is so stylish and has mirrors everywhere around. So My soon-to-be girl would be able to look at herself from every possible perspective during our play.

My client arrived, I ordered him to undress first. I walked around him for a bit while he removed his coat, shoes, pants, shirt, then I proceed to sit down in one of the  armchairs at the other side of the room.

Once naked, I told him to crawl to My feet. Kneeling down, he humbly offered Me his Tribute, which I took to then order him to kiss My boots.

We had a brief talk about what we both expected from the session, going through interests and limits. We had already discussed via email, but it is always a good idea to go by it all quickly again.

It was the moment then to lock his manhood in a chastity device, after which I read to him some extracts of the SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas - a perfect emasculation, radical feminist literature piece - that I had previously written in My black little notebook, to set up the mood for the session. In a satirical manner, Solanas argues that men have ruined the world, and that it is up to women to fix it. To achieve this goal, she suggests the formation of SCUM, an organization dedicated to overthrowing society and eliminating the male sex.

“…Women, in other words, don't have penis envy; men have pussy envy.” As I finished My lecture with these last words, My sub was completely ready to get transformed into My sweet slave girl.

“Are you ready to be completed, to be transformed into a female?” I asked, suddenly jumping from the armchair and sitting on top of his back as he was in all fours, riding him as an animal and whispering on his right ear.

“Yes, Mistress. Please, Mistress!”

“Do you want to be My sweet little girl? Beg!” I commanded, while squeezing his nipples.

“Please, Mistress! Transform me, complete me. I want to be worthy of You, please make me pretty!”

So there it began. I showed him the lingerie set I had chosen for him, a gorgeous vintage pale pink one - “Isn’t it pretty?” - and told him to put on the undies, to then help him with the upper part. I included silicon breasts under the bra and, once on, I squeezed them with joy for a bit. I do love squeezing breasts!

Then I took him to the pupil desk, crawling after Me, where he sat and I started doing his make-up. He had brought his own make-up (from Bobbi Brown, one of My favorite brands) and his own wig, too: a beautiful, dark blonde, silky one. Where I was applying the make-up, I started asking questions as when he began getting interested in feminization and we talked further about our own views on the subject and what we like about it.

Make-up done, wig on, there she was: My sweet, sweet girl! She looked so pretty!

“Smile for Me!” She did, giving Me the loveliest, cutest smile.

I put a black mesh robe on her, to complete the look.

Next step: nails! I used My own nail polish, a dark, intense red.

Slowly, carefully, lovingly, I painted first her finger nails, then her toes. I softly blowed on them, for them to dry faster.

Then I took her right foot and pull the nude stockings I had chosen up, to then do the same with her left foot.

Only something was missing: a suspender belt to hold the stockings. I chose a black one, to go with her robe.

And of course, high heels! A pair of black stilettos, which fit perfectly.

Now the feminization process was complete, I made her walk for Me. At first a bit clumsily, she did. I taught her to swing her hips as she walked. That was better.

Making her kneel down, I collared her. To the collar, a leash was attached.

“Good girl.”

I slapped her face, once, twice.

“Now, I will walk you around!”

She followed Me crawling across the room.

“Such a good girl!”

I grab a chair and sat down in the middle of the room.

“Lick My boots!”

She did, slowly, running her tongue all the way from the bottom to the top of My thigh high black vinyl boots, following My instructions.

I was getting excited. I took her leash off. Told her to wait on her knees. I went on and put a rubber strap-on with a purple dildo. I went back to her.

“Do you want it?”

“Please, Mistress!”

“I want you to dance for Me first. Seduce Me!”

I played a Madonna song, “Like a virgin”:

“…I was beat


I'd been had, I was sad and blue

But you made me feel

Yeah, you made me feel

Shiny and new

Hoo, Like a virgin

Touched for the very first time

Like a virgin

When your heart beats

Next to mine…”

There she was, dancing for Me, so seductively. A huge smile on her face. She was enjoying herself. And I was enjoying her little private dance so much! A big smile was on My face, too.

“Come here, kneel down.” I was sitting on the bed. “Do you want it? Will you be My little slut?”

“Yes, Mistress! That is all I want!”

“Suck it, pleasure Me!” I commanded.

She had been waiting for this. I could tell, she was hungry for it.

“Up and down. Slowly… Yes… All the way, up and down… No teeth!”

Once I was pleased enough with her head, I ordered her to stop.

“Wait on all fours” I said.

I grabbed hands and feet cuffs. I put them and the leash back on her. I pulled the leash until she was on top of the bed and I was on top of her. Quickly, I tied her to the edges of the bed and made her give Me some more head.

I then lubed her up and started with a finger, two, then the dildo. My hips moving rhythmically while holding her tights up with My hands, and looking into her eyes. She was looking back to My eyes, moaning with pleasure.

Once satisfied, I lied next to her and smoked a cigarette while chatting and caressing her. When My cigarette was almost over, I made her open up her mouth and used her mouth like an ashtray.

“Swallow” I ordered. I could tell she did not like it, but did it for Me, her Mistress. “Mmm. That’s My girl. I didn’t give you a name yet… Anastasia! That will be your name! My sweet girl Anastasia.”

Anastasia was the perfect name. In Greek, Anastasia means “resurrection”. One who will be reborn.

“I like it. Thank you, Mistress” She said.

She was looking so happy, so relaxed, so different from when we first met, 3 hours back. Truly reborn.

I cuddled a bit more with her, looking up at our reflection on the mirror on top of the bed.

“Look at how good we look together!”

“Yes, Mistress. You are so beautiful.”

“We both are.”

The 3 hours were over, and I slowly began to untie her and take off her make up and nail polish while chatting non-stop, planning and discussing ideas for our next encounter (possibly a rubber doll session!), before I sent her to the bathroom to take a shower.

Anastasia will come back to Berlin to visit Me soon, and I am already looking forward to our next rendez-vous.


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