Make Me happy

Februar 25, 2019 | FemDom

your only purpose in life is to serve Me. How will you make yourself valuable to Me? A guide on how to please Me.

Of course, the best and most obvious way to serve Me is booking a session with Me. But there are many other opportunities to make yourself useful and gain My favor. The more you strive to please Me, the worthier you will look to My eyes. you live to make your Goddess happy, don’t you? Here you will find some hints on how to become My perfect slave.

Keep in mind My time is precious

  • Thoroughly read My website, as many times as you need. When asking something I already answered in there, you are only wasting My time. Remember My time is My most valuable possession. Do your homework before approaching Me, or be prepared to get ignored.
  • When booking a session with Me, use the application form on My website or include all necessary information on your application email (guide yourself by the questions in the application form). Check My calendar to see My availability and propose a date and time accordingly. Do not contact Me without a date in mind! Remember always booking your sessions at least 24h in advance. The more time I have to organize, the better.
  • While making sure you are providing Me with all the information I need, do not extend yourself too much: I don’t need you to write an essay. It shouldn’t take Me more than a few minutes to go through your email. An overly extense email will only result in a longer waiting time for My answer, if I choose to answer at all. Keep your message short and respectful, then wait for My answer. Do not make demands.
  • Send your deposit along your application, or as soon as I confirm I have a free spot to meet you that fits with your schedule. Do not make Me ask for it again and again, I don’t like repeating Myself and will most likely lose interest, as you would be only portraying yourself as a time-waster.

Spoil Me

Sending Me a present from My wishlist, a gift card for the spa or from one of My favorite latex brands is an excellent way to please Me from the very beginning: it is sure to draw My attention to you and put a smile on My face.

you can also take Me shopping (minimum spend 250€), tribute Me to a meal with a girlfriend, fund one of My beauty treatments, or pay My household bills. The possibilities are endless...

I love being spoiled!

Follow & promote Me on social media

  • Like & retweet My posts on Twitter. Yes, every single one of them that pops up on your feed. Leave a comment if you have something nice to say. It doesn’t cost you a thing, and it helps Me reach a wider audience.
  • Same if you are on Instagram. Like, comment & repost to your own feed or stories, always tagging My profile.

Buy My videos at iwantclips!

I don't really care if you are into watching clips or not. Just buy them to show Me your support! Add some extra tip if feeling generous.

Subscribe to My AVN stars

Exclusive DMs (I do not answer DMs on any other platform), NSFW photos and videos taken during realtime sessions with My slaves, professional photoshoots, promo videos as well as selfies, all posted exclusively for My devotees.

Offer Me your professional skills

Currently I require:

  • Chauffeurs
  • Personal trainers, pilates, martial arts or dance instructors
  • Make-up artists & hair stylists
  • Photographers, videographers & video editors

If you are based in Berlin, Madrid or Barcelona, you may humbly send a short email to offer Me your services.

Pay attention to details

Make My life better by discovering which are the things I require or feel excited about, so you can anticipate to My needs and fulfill My every wish. Always read & listen to Me carefully and constantly ask yourself: “In which ways can I serve my Goddess?”. This will not only improve My life, it will show Me that you are paying real attention and that your interest in serving Me is deep and genuine. Manage to impress Me and I will hold your servitude in the highest regard.

…Doing all of the above, you will be sure to grow closer and closer to Me. Constantly pleasing Me, you will quickly become a favorite of Mine. I know how to appreciate a good slave, and, who knows? At some point I may even want to collar you as one of My owned pets. your purpose in life is to please Me. Never forget.