Dezember 27, 2019 | FemDom

A quick 5-steps guide to teach you how to properly contact Me:

  1. Start your email / application with a humble "Dear Goddess" or "Dear Mistress".
  2. Write in a respectful manner, making sure to include all necessary details for booking your session (date, duration, city, your experience, interests and fetishes, limits, any medical conditions).
  3. Remember that you are applying to serve Me, not the other way around. I am a natural born Goddess, not a service top - I am here to fulfill My own fantasies, not yours. If I want to know about your interests and fetishes, is just to better tease and control you, so I will have more fun using and abusing you. I like making you desperate for Me.
  4. Capitalize your words when these are referring to Me, and keep them low when referring to you ("i adore You, Mistress").
  5. Include a gift from My wishlist or a gift card to one of My favorite stores to show that your interest in serving Me is genuine.

That's all. Easy, isn't it? Now, do not disappoint Me.