Double Dinner & Lesbian Cuckolding Date

September 11, 2019 | FemDom

When you arrive to the restaurant, We are already there, sitting down and sipping champagne. We have chosen an appropriately intimate corner and are chatting and smiling to each other. you didn’t think it possible, but We are even hotter in person. you take a moment to summon up enough courage to join Us. We have been waiting for you. you start apologizing for being late, but We just tell you to sit down. We will leave the apologies for later.

After ordering, We start asking you questions. you know, knowledge is power. you can not help but notice We are playing with each other under the table. your brain is heating up, and it’s not because of the wine. We start whispering in each other's ears, while We look at you, wickedly amused. We order all We want and more, you get only the leftovers. We decide to take dessert to go, and eat it up in your hotel room, so We ask for the bill. Of course, you take care of it silently.

Inside the elevator, We command you to kiss the tip of Our boots. We start kissing each other. As the doors open, your necktie is pulled up, forcing you to abruptly stand up.

We are holding hands and laughing, walking through the hallway that leads to your room. you are walking behind Us, while one of Us is still holding your necktie. you have nowhere to go, and you do not want to go anywhere else that wherever We take you. you can only follow Us, listen to Us, watch Us having fun, at your cost. you’re addicted.

Once in the room, We push you into the shower and watch while you wash yourself. We are making fun of you, again.

Now that you are clean, dry and naked, it’s time to lock you up. First We cage your pathetic manhood, then We tie you up. Nice and tight. you are on all fours and We both sit on your back. Our kisses are getting more and more passionate, Our underwear is starting to get very wet - you can almost smell it. your little worm is more and more constricted inside its cage. you are getting desperate. Although you realize We love teasing and denying you, that only makes your erection harder and more painful. When you start feeling you can not take it anymore, I take My girlfriend's panties off, slowly, and put them inside your mouth, gagging you. Then We shove a plug up your butt, to then lay down on bed, together. What you did not know yet, is that it’s a vibrating, remote controlled plug. you start squirming and moaning. Our laughs get louder and louder.

But your desperation does not only amuse Us, it arouses Us.

"Be a good boy and We may let you watch while We make each other cum, will you, little cuck?"

you nod your head submissively and say: "Yes, Mistress, I'll be a good boy. Please, Mistress!"

What follows leaves you floating in a dream, and it's best left untold.


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