February 12, 2020 | FemDom

I could write for hours about CBT. There is something about inflicting pain to a man's most precious body parts... likely the power rush. My victim is in front of Me, I grab his bits... and squeeze. Such a simple act, yet no escape. I absolutely love squeezing, punching, slapping, pulling, kicking balls... Ballbusting, as you may already know if you have watched My clips, is very close to My heart. It brings Me so much joy, I can not stop laughing. It combines pain and humiliation in such a wonderful way.

Applying weights and clamps to your family jewels is such a good way of decorating them. A beautiful sight for Me, a painful one for you. And then, swinging the weights or whipping the clamps off...

And what's not to love about urethral sounds! The beauty of invading of penetrating your d*ck hole and then, stretching it to the max. Just the thought of it makes Me excited and aroused. I love the endless possibilities, combining it with latex, electro play, anal play, needles... I love creating an orchestra of pain and playing you like an instrument.

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